How a Blockchain-Based Technology is Going to Change the Way We Develop and Play Games

Every once in a while, there appear specific trends that revolutionize the gaming industry. In the 90s, it was 3D games. While in the 2010s, it was mobile games. Now the 2020s are here, and there are a lot of trends that have the potential to become gaming’s ‘next big thing’. And one of them: NFTs.

What Are NFTs

For those who don’t know, NFTs or (Non-Fungible Tokens) are virtual tokens that act as certificates of ownership for digital assets. Meaning people with an NFT can claim ownership of a digital asset associated with it.

For instance, if you purchase an NFT digital art online, you will receive an NFT that certifies you own the art. The record of your ownership is recorded permanently on the blockchain, and just like physical art, you can sell or trade the art to others.

Due to these reasons and more, the interest in NFT development skyrocketed in 2020. People worldwide now use NFTs to buy, trade, and sell artwork, collectibles, music, and even real estate.
And some top game developers are now using NFTs in games as well.

The possibilities are endless.

The Reasons Why NFTs Game Development Will Be Popular

Gives Ownership to the Users:

With NFTs, players get complete ownership of the assets they have bought in games, allowing them to sell, trade, or transfer them to others.

Turns Players into Creators:

With NFTs, players can become active creators of content rather than passive enjoyers of content. This transformation will make games engaging, fun, and immersive.

Earn Money by Playing:

In NFT based games, players can create, trade, and sell items. This new feature opens up the opportunity for players to earn money by playing games they love.

Why Choose Juego Studios for NFT Development Services

Functional NFT Games:

We give the gameplay experience and the in-game economy equal priority so players and developers can both earn money and have fun.

Games Suited for the Medium:

Juego Studios can create unique NFT based games that allow players and developers to fulfill their potential as creators.

Multi-Platform Games:

We create games that deliver the same exciting gaming experience across multiple platforms without performance or security issues.


Game X Change

Game X Change is a blockchain-based project. It lets players convert their in-game currencies into a cryptocurrency called Game X Change. Players can then export the same currency to other supported games and use it to buy in-game virtual assets, coins, rewards, etc.  

In addition to this, players can also export their in-game NFT virtual assets to other supported games using Game X Change. This opens up the window for players to create, collect, sell, and trade assets. 

  • Transfer assets and currency from one game to the next 
  • Let’s players play and earn money 
  • Eco-system of developers, gamers, and collectors 
Operon Origins

Operon Origins is an NFT based card-action game, where the NFTs are the cards.  

Operon Origins has an NFT marketplace within, where players can buy, sell, and trade cards. Players can use either real-money or virtual tokens converted from the in-game currency to shop in this marketplace. The marketplace drops new NFTs regularly. 

  • Hold, sell, and transfer collectible cards 
  • Regular auctions on limited edition NFTs 
  • 100+ cards to collect


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