Enriching business capabilities with Custom and Outsourced Web applications

One of the most fundamental aspects of an enterprise is web application development which directly correlates to how the business is planned, executed and managed. We house a set of veteran developers who create web applications that can be deemed as competitive assets for online business processes. Our process oriented developers leave no stone unturned in engineering the most apt web app solutions. We imbue the capability to handle huge quantities of data along with complex transactions in the web applications we develop. Special care is taken to enhance security and performance. We have therefore perfected the development of progressive web apps.

Our veteran team of developers and engineers are highly trained in web application design which makes the applications we develop work flawlessly. They have hands on experience on web development services like PHP, ASP.net, Angular JS, Node JS and React. Angular JS has many popular frameworks that are most commonly used for front end development.

Our various web development services

Our Web Application Development Process

1. Consulting and research

Our business development team will ascertain your requirements and come up with the most reasonable quote in the industry. Our expert team will comprehensively go through your business setup to minimize technical and market risks in the entire software development lifecycle.

2. Front-end development

Our project developers will precipitate your requirements deep into their minds and will work hand in hand with developers in achieving that end. Our team begins by creating the most vivid, intuitive front end to your application that is UI and UX design. With pixel perfect accuracy various mock-ups will be generated which has sharp UI. The UX will be such that it will be uniform throughout the application. Engaging effects and animations which don’t hinder performance will be added.

3. Back end development

The core part of your application will be designed in this phase keeping in mind the availability, robustness and a host of other essential features. A robust architecture is designed where new features can be appended in the future. We device our applications such that it is highly flexible and integrated seamlessly with other third party services. We inculcate the use of advanced data structures to provide proper functionality. Security is paramount in our development methodology and we imbue procedures to protect users, data and processes.

4. Competent QA

Our project managers will be in touch with all throughout so you can quickly add new features and ensure your software works seamlessly across all browsers and platforms. Sophisticated and repetitive tasks are automated along with reduction of cost and time to market. Customer feedback loop is shortened and any kind of issue is solved effectively.

Why choose Juego Studios for Web Application Development?

  • We guarantee easy to use, scalable, robust web applications at the best prices.
  • Developing applications with a friendly interface and a wide range of features is the forte of our developers. You should know that this entire process is automated and is streamlined with your business with reduction in data entry.
  • Sending and receiving emails can be customized to suit your business needs. Your communication will get strengthened effectively and consequently your turnover will increase.
  • Additional features like social media integration, photo galleries, news feeds can be used to enrich your site. With custom web application development the process can be tweaked effectively to make your site more attractive.
  • Our solutions can be accessed anywhere and at anytime
  • We are known for our quick development and turnaround time.
  • We support both in house and cloud application development.





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