Android vs iOS Game Development in 2022
If you have decided to create a mobile game, then choosing between Android and iOS systems might be a bit of a hassle. Both systems being different in various aspects like design, development, marketing strategy,
Challenges in Mobile Gaming App 2022
Mobile game development has witnessed a spike in recent years. This surge is primarily due to advancements in mobile technology, low-cost high-speed internet, and earning opportunities offered by the play-to-earn-model of the games. Building a
AR and VR trends in 2022
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have witnessed accelerated growth, especially in the last couple of years. Most of it is due to the “new normal” ways becoming the norm. This is especially true with respect
Gaming Technology Trends in 2022
Technology has become an essential component of our modern lives. And when it comes to trending gaming technology in the industry, only futuristic gaming technology has paved the way for numerous opportunities in the evolving
NFTs and Cryptos are transforming the Mobile Gaming App Development
NFT aka Non-fungible-token has been trending a lot these days. A lot of us might have apprehensions about investing in cryptocurrencies and NFTs. But one thing is visible: the way they are transforming the world;
Secret of Cross-Platform Mobile Game Development
Are you interested in developing a cross-platform mobile game? Now, you don’t decide whether it will be worthwhile or not. There’s no doubt that cross-platform game development is beneficial for gamers and business owners. Cross-platform