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game development company

Juego Studios one of the leading game development company offers end-to-end game development services at affordable rates. Our 250+ team has experience working on the best games in the industry, including hyper-casual games, multi-player RPGs, and VR games. Over the past decade, we have developed games for mobile, PC, and web, using cutting-edge development technologies like Unity3D, Cocos2d-X, and Unreal.

We, as a game development agency, will take complete responsibility to create a tailored product specific to your needs within your budget. We will lead your project through all the stages from game design to post-release support.

In addition, we can also scale your game development team with additional resources to enhance video games production capabilities.

Full cycle game-Development:

Our game development agency will take complete responsibility to create a tailored product to your specific needs with in the budget. We will lead your project through all the stages from game design to post release support.


We can scale your game development team with additional resources to enhance production capabilities. You can hire resources to extend your team or choose to co-develop with our team.

Game Porting:

We can port games to other platforms maintaining core features, performance, and functionality. In addition, we can also port games to new technologies to improve your game.


Being a successful video game brand, we have the resources to develop games for multiple platforms using different advanced game development technologies.



Juego Studios’ video game development services extend to different top gaming platforms widely used in the gaming industry.

game development company
Mobile Game Development

Create engaging mobile games with rich features, for Android and iOS.

PC Game Development

Develop epic games for Windows and Mac, from concept to release.

NFT Game Development

Make video games with NFTs integrated as a crucial gameplay element.

Console Game Development

Create console games for the Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo gaming platforms.

AR/VR Game Development

Explore new-age gaming technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality.

HTML5 Game Development

Develop web video games with HTML5 and CSS. Wrap them for native support.

The Technologies We Use For Development

Being one of the top game development studios, we use the latest game engines and game development frameworks to produce the best output at all times.


Our range of services covers concept enhancement, concept art, character design, animation, game mechanics, programming, and testing. As a leading game design and development company, this makes us your one-stop shop for all your game development needs. The following gives you a brief of our services in game development.


There are several reasons why our clients have their video games developed by us. Below are some of the most commonly cited ones:

Awards & Recognition

Top Game Developer of 2018 Badge by Top App Development Company

Hopster featured by Apple on the iTunes App Store

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

Top VR/AR technology service providers 2017 by APAC CIO Outlook magazine

Brand of the Year by "Silicon India"

Best Mobile App Developers in Oakland


Game Producer:

Our game producer manages end-to-end game development across all departments, oversees the development, and aligns production with your vision to guarantee successful project completion.

Game Designer:

Our game designer designs your game’s core loop, story, levels, and economy, ensures game balance, and collaborates with other departments to translate design ideas into actionable production steps.

Game Artist:

The artists in our game development team shape your game’s visual signature and design UI/UX and concept art according to platform limitations, genre conventions, and audience analysis.


Juego Studios’ animation team includes 2D artists, 3D modelers, rigging artists, texturing artists, lighting artists, and animators, who build immersive game worlds with their talent and craft.

Game Developer:

Juego’s game programmers are masters of the latest game engines and implement core game features, develop algorithms, and fix bugs, to make your game run at optimized performance right from runtime.


Our team of QA testers tests all game scenarios across multiple build versions using a combination of both manual and automated testing to guarantee your game’s performance and compatibility.





Apps & Games


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Repeat Clients


Match-3 puzzle with fantasy themed RPG

android ios unity3d web


android ios unity3d

Soccer-Manager with Realtime Multiplayer Simulation

desktop-pc steam unity3d

Sports Multiplayer Pool Game

android ios unity3d


What are the benefits of video game development outsourcing?

Outsourcing to game development companies allows you to cut costs by giving you access to specialists in the video game industry at low prices. You also reduce overheads like software licenses, hardware, and other operating expenses. In turn, you save time and avoid production delays by eliminating the need to spend time on hiring.

What are the different stages of game development?

Video game companies split the overall game development process into pre-production, production, and post-production.

Pre-production involves game concept analysis, preparation of game design document, pipeline set-up, art style finalization, test plan, etc.

Meanwhile, Production involves the development of gaming modules, art assets creation, level design, game balancing, audio creation, optimization testing, etc.

The final stage, Post-Production, involves quality analysis and testing, monetization, 3rd party SDK integration, app store submission, and support and maintenance.

How do you handle time zone differences?

We have game developers and other team members working across different shifts. Hence, we can develop games by accommodating the requirements of different time zones without any hassles.

How do you guarantee confidentiality?

Being one of the top game dev companies, we operate under a strict NDA policy. We sign an NDA under the terms you want. Our team will share all information according to the terms you specified in the NDA.

Can I make a video game that I can release on multiple platforms?

Yes. Our game developers can develop a video game that you can release on multiple platforms simultaneously, using game engines that support cross-platform development.

How long does it take to create a video game?

The duration of your game’s development depends on its complexity. For example, mobile game development companies will require less time to develop a casual mobile game with limited features requires than a 3D open-world video game with multiple locations and characters.

How can I hire game developers suited for my project?

The best method to do this is by hiring game developers from a company like Juego Studios. Juego Studios offers game developers you can hire to augment your existing team. 

You can analyze the game developers on three main metrics: Expertise, Portfolio, and Communication. Expertise means the proficiency the game developers have in gaming engines, programming languages, and gaming platforms. Meanwhile, portfolio assessment means gauging the team’s past work to understand if they can deliver the quality output you need. The final aspect, communication, means the game developers’ capacity to communicate requirements, ideas, and feedback.

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