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NodeJS is used to develop applications that make extensive use of the ability to run JavaScript both on a client as well as the server. It uses a single threaded event loop to handle requests. The non-blocking I/O eliminates the need for multi-threading. As a result, it is highly scalable and the load intensity in the server is not as much as PHP. Before NodeJS, Javascript was only used for client-side development. Separate devs had to be hired for backend and frontend. With the inception of NodeJS, full-stack Javascript was finally possible. One can use NodeJS in the front end, back end as well as in mobile development. Juego Studios is a Node.js web & mobile app service provider developing user-friendly apps for clients.

Benefits of Using Node.JS Application Development

  • When messages from one user to another have to be passed NodeJS comes very much in handy. This type of service is in features like chat clients, Twitter-like services, and game servers.
  • It is highly scalable as it follows the event loop for real-time apps.
  • Javascript for both client and server can be written and hence transporting data between the client and server is easy and is simultaneous using NodeJS. The changes made to the server are reflected in the client and the web page which hosts this data automatically makes the changes.
  • As it has a non-blocking I/O model it is perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that operate in various environments.
  • The V8 Javascript engine used by NodeJS is very fast. If a lot of reading and writing to the internet or the filesystem is involved then NodeJS is the fastest technology there is to build your application.
  • Because of web sockets, NodeJS excels in real-time applications. Web sockets are 2-way open communication channels between the client and the server. This is why it is easy to build real-time applications like games, chat engines etc.
  • Javascript is present in the browser as well as the server because of NodeJS. Whether it is browser or server, NodeJS runs in a similar manner and is flexible in usage. NodeJS code migration can be used to shift logic in the browser to the server.
  • Developers can skip modulating the syntax differences while uniting the NodeJS and NoSQL databases. It works very well with real-time web apps as the JSON stored data format lets it run without any obstacles in mismatches and conversions.

Our services in NodeJS Development Services

  • NodeJS API development
  • Mobile app development
  • NodeJS Web application development
  • Plug-ins development
  • Marketplace development
  • Portal development
  • Interactive app development
  • Backend dashboard development
  • Large web applications
  • eCommerce shopping cart
  • Content management tools
  • Node.js website development
  • Real time statistics
  • NodeJS UI/UX development
  • System monitoring dashboards
  • AJAX management

Why opt for NodeJS Development Services from Juego Studios?

  • Our veteran developers have phenomenal experience in eCommerce website development and can create the most reliable and secure NodeJS eCommerce application.
  • We are aware that every business has diversified needs and hence offer customized solutions. To keep with up such requirements we use custom NodeJS programming.
  • We help you to develop competent web-based solutions for social media platforms, CRM and more.
  • We truly believe in cent percent client satisfaction and develop the most efficient online business applications as per your business needs.
  • Our NodeJS development team is one of the best in the world as we have developed scalable real-time apps with NodeJS.
  • We have huge experience in working with MongoDB databases which we use expertly to fulfill the database needs of our project.
  • Once we understand your requirements we will divine a robust solution which will encompass all latest technology.
  • Our application development process conforms to every international standard and that is why we have been able to build highly functional apps.

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